It's that time of year to add Diesel Treat to your tank

Updated Dec 20, 2021

These two things we know are true:

  1. The price of diesel keeps inching toward eye-water new heights.
  2. And, those tears may turn to ice soon as winter looms.

But, while Howes Diesel Treat cannot make prices at the pump go down, it is the kind of protection your truck needs this time of year.

Diesel Treat prevents gelling, adds lubricity, safely removes water, and boosts fuel economy. It does all of that without alcohol or solvents, which means it’s warranty safe for all diesel emission systems. The company adds that Diesel Treat also corrects problems inherent in today’s ULSD fuel, and eliminates smoking and rough idle. Available in 15, 32, and 64-ounce sizes.

This and other Howes products are available at travel centers and most big box stores.

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