Truckers are the true heroes of the holidays

Updated Dec 20, 2021

by Kim McDonnell, RoadPro Family of Brands

Over this last year and a half, most realized just how essential the men and women of the road have been to our daily lives, and the holiday season will be no different. 

Many of us use this time of year to relax and spend time with our families, but as a truck driver, you are most likely heading into your busiest time of the year, logging more miles and shifting into high gear to make those holidays deliveries.  

With the recent supply chain issues in the news now more than ever, truckers are in high demand, and getting all those holiday goodies and gifts into the stockings and under the tree will all come down to the truckers who deliver to the retailers that sell them. It s not only the brick-and-mortar stores but all those e-commerce gifts too. FedEx and UPS combined to deliver 34 million packages a day this past year, and truck drivers are the ones that make all those deliveries possible.  

Let's not forget about the regular mail and all those holiday greetings and Christmas cards that need to be delivered. The U.S. Postal Service per day handles over 500 million pieces of mail. Truckers are instrumental in getting all of that mail to the right place.

What about that holiday meal? Without truck drivers delivering those turkeys, ham’s, and all the trimmings, there would be no holiday feast to enjoy with our family and friends. 

Then there is that extra fuel we use to get over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house.  Without truckers, the fuel supply would run out within 24 hours, so certainly grandmother would be disappointed if we couldn’t visit.

While most of us get to shop online from the comfort of our couch for gifts for family and friends and make our grocery list for that special Holiday meal or dessert, it is the truck driver that makes that possible.

RoadPro knows that truck drivers are the ones that are getting all that we need to make the Holiday Merry and Bright.

So, yeah, while Santa may want to take all the credit this holiday season, it is truly the truck drivers that are the heroes of the holiday!