Rand McNally TND Tablet 1050 is as rugged as driving is demanding

Rand McNally recently rolled out the TND Tablet 1050a new truck navigation device the company said was built specifically to stand up to the rigors of over-the-road trucking to meet the needs of professional drivers.

The TND Tablet 1050 features:

  • New, upgraded Rand Navigation with 33% more truck-specific road data than other GPS providers
  • Large high-definition 10-inch screen with enhanced mapping and graphics for ease of use
  • A removable tablet guard, a heavy-duty Corning Gorilla Glass screen, and three strong mounting options
  • Enhanced trucker tools including an upgraded camera for driver and vehicle inspection reports and receipt tracking

“In spending time and communicating with thousands of drivers, we heard loud and clear what is most valuable to professional drivers,” said Ivan Sheldon, Rand McNally’s vice president of product management. 

Sheldon said drivers told the company they "want more accurate mapping and navigation, easier-to-see screens, louder voice guidance, and a more durable device that lessens the risk of breakage if dropped. Those were our top goals in creating the TND Tablet 1050.”

At the heart of the device is new, upgraded navigation built by Rand McNally. The new tablet delivers at least 33% more truck-specific road data, meaning drivers will be less likely to be routed unnecessarily due to misinterpreted road signs or a lack of weight-restricted routes. Sheldon said Rand McNally’s navigation software includes thousands more low bridges, 28,000 more miles of weight-restricted roads, and 15,000 more miles of truck-prohibited roads.

The large-format device is also built to meet the rigors of the road. The TND Tablet 1050's Gorilla Glass screen is said to be eight times stronger than conventional glass and four times more resistant to scratches. The new tablet also comes with a sturdy case or guard designed to protect it. 

The new tablet also has an upgraded camera, with a high-performance image sensor. This allows the driver to supplement reports or track receipts on the same device.

The TND Tablet 1050 is available in travel centers, truck stops, and other locations. It sells for $699.