Latest Truckers' Gear Guide loaded with 'powerful' content

Updated Jun 23, 2022

The latest edition of the Overdrive and Truckers News Truckers' Gear Guide has arrived, and it's filled with information to give you the power to be safe, comfortable, and successful on the road.

Presented by the Roadpro Family of Brands, this edition of the Truckers' Gear Guide has a focus on 12-volt appliances and devices to make your driving life a bit more like the life you live at home. It also has suggestions on how to power all that year.

Included in this Gear Guide are stories about:

  • Screen Shot 2022 05 03 At 9 39 26 Amsaving fuel, which has never been more important as diesel prices soar
  • the new line of quality logo merchandise from Cummins, a brand well-known to drivers for many years
  • using a variety of 12-volt appliances to improve your comfort while on the road
  • how power inverters can keep those appliances running and your other driver devices well charged and useable
  • using those 12-volt appliances to make beef stir-fry and the perfect cheeseburger
  • the growing role of women in truck driving
  • using meditation to give yourself a mindset makeover
  • the lowdown on truck navigation devices

Trucking and the lives of truckers have never been more demanding. And, never has trucking been more under scrutiny. Combined, those things require drivers to be at the top of their games and have the tools necessary to be successful.

This edition of the Road Pro Family of Brands' Truckers' Gear Guide has the sort of information to help drivers be successful in today's demanding business climate.