Organization helps truckers with Driving Down Diabetes

Updated Jul 26, 2022

By Julie Dillon, Health and Wellness Manager, SCRF

The St. Christopher Truckers Fund is a non-profit organization that serves over-the-road semi-truck drivers across the nation. The SCF has two missions of service. The first mission is to help drivers and their families when an illness or injury has recently caused them to be out of work. The second mission is to make the truck driver population one that is healthy physically, mentally, and financially through prevention programs and education.

One study of professional drivers showed that over 70% of drivers interviewed had at least one health issue such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or smoking. With this and our health prevention mission in mind, we have implemented a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program, tailored it to meet the needs of truck drivers, and called it Driving Down Diabetes.

SCF started a new Driving Down Diabetes LIVE weekly session group on July 11 We will meet on Mondays at 6 pm CT via the Zoom app. The program is a one-year commitment to making little lifestyle changes that can ultimately save or extend your life. It’s never too late to take steps to feel and be the best you possible. We have already seen lives being changed in our first two groups of drivers. One participant stated, “It’s devoting one hour a week that can change your life.” Another participant said, “By participating in this program it has educated me on eating habits, sleeping habits, and exercising even if it is as little as walking around your truck. I recommend every driver participate.”

What exactly is this diabetes prevention program thing, you ask? Great question! SCF’s diabetes prevention program is free for all Class A CDL, over-the-road professional drivers who are at risk for Type 2 diabetes. We encourage each driver to participate in this evidence-based lifestyle change program to reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The program includes a CDC-approved curriculum, a lifestyle coach specially trained to lead the program, and a support group of people with similar goals and challenges. The program offers weekly meetings focusing on nutrition, getting active, stress management, sleep, and more. 

Do you know that approximately one in three people in America are considered pre-diabetic, and eight of ten of those people don’t know it? Could you be one of the people who are at risk for diabetes and don’t know it? Want to find out? Visit Driving Down Diabetes to see if you may be at risk and/or to register for our program.

What makes our program different from others who offer similar programs? How does free sound? That’s right; it is entirely free. There is no cost to participate. The program’s sponsorship by Southern Recipe has allowed us to offer this program free and also provide scales, blood pressure monitors, activity trackers, and resistance bands for those who need them.

About Julie: Julie Dillon is the  Health & Wellness Manager for St. Christopher Truckers Fund. Julie is passionate about helping drivers live longer and feel their best. With her expertise as a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor, Clinical Herbalist, certified Holistic Health Coach, and a Tobacco Cessation Specialist, you can be assured she has the knowledge to help you succeed in any of the SCF’s programs. If you are interested in being part of any of  SCF’s wellness programs, please contact Julie at [email protected] or 865-544-8145. You can also visit their website for more information at