President's Walker III CB has big-radio features in a medium-sized body

Updated Oct 24, 2023

The Walker III CB radio from President is ideal for the trucker who wants all of the capabilities of a full-sized unit but only has room for a slightly smaller, medium-sized one.

 While the Walker III is not as big as many models, it doesn't lack the kind of features that professional drivers look for and need. The Walker III is the first DIN-sized FCC AM/FM radio in the U.S. and has:

  • 40 channels
  • weather channel with alert
  • two programmable priority channels
  • channel rotary switch
  • volume adjustment and on/off switch
  • manual or automatic squelch control
  • multi-color LCD display
  • frequency display
  • RF gain and RF power
  • front microphone jack
  • external loudspeaker jack
  • USB charging socket

The Walker III comes with a microphone, but for the balance of October, you can add a President's heavy-duty DIGIMIKE, which features a digital noise reduction circuit, and receive a $30 rebate.

Available online for $169.