On CB Radio Day, Army veteran and trucker tells why he uses his CB

by Craig Daniels

In today’s world, saturated with cell phones and social media apps of all kinds, are CBs truly necessary? The answer is an absolute “yes,” and here’s why.

Craig DanielsCraig DanielsWhile using a Bluetooth headset is required to use your phone and gives you the ability to talk to friends who might be across the country, it does not replace the need to communicate with nearby strangers or obtain local road conditions when your phone signal weakens. Some people say CBs can prevent “the big one”, meaning a larger storm. To a certain extent, this holds true; however, it doesn’t justify driving too fast without a safe following distance.

Though social media apps keep you connected with friends and family, they also limit interaction with the general public that once defined the meaning of the word “social”. Being social means meeting new people and sharing life stories with them.

Have you ever been stuck at an airport or truck stop and ended up meeting someone and sharing life stories? This is part of the reason many drive to begin with. In fact, the response I often receive when asking others why they enjoy driving is, “To see new places and meet new people”.

Truthfully, that is why I drive as well. What’s a better way to socialize and meet someone than while continuing your job and driving down the road to deliver? Certainly, you may come across individuals who want to shout obscenities at others or the occasional base station operator who wants to melt your antenna, but buying a CB radio is a great tool and an enjoyable recreation at the same time.

What serves as more effective than a radar detector than someone in front of you witnessing the exact location of the “bears”? Cops are often referred to as bears over a CB radio. Or perhaps, “Slow down eastbound. You’re stopped for five miles at the 198”. Now you can decide to re-route or not, 15-20 minutes before you get to the backup. Then of course you have the fun stuff, “How about you 10Ring?”, (Craig’s CB handle). “Come in the house” is liable to be the response from me, meaning to welcome someone into the conversation. We can chat throughout the day without wasting time.

Yes, CBs can be a nuisance and expensive but, they can be an invaluable tool and for the most part, a good setup can be had for a cheap price. Stop by a CB shop or a truck stop near you and ask about one. Reputation is key to these guys, so they won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. They want you to return for more business later. 


Craig “10ring” Daniels is a Patriot Fleet driver with nine years for Crete/Shaffer/Hunt and over a million accident-free miles and 12 years of over-the-road experience. Daniels is an Army Veteran who went into heavy equipment repair after serving, and that led to almost 20 years of building roads by running asphalt plants, rock quarries, and paving crews. You can find Craig Daniels on TikTok @10ringcraigdaniels or Instagram @Shaffer_Patriot_46135.