5 ways to deal with the pressures of driving during the holidays

Updated Dec 1, 2023

Navigating the highways during the holiday season can be challenging, especially for truck drivers. With increased traffic, adverse weather conditions, and tight delivery schedules, prioritizing safety is imperative.

We asked our RoadPro Driver’s Lounge Facebook Group of truck drivers how they plan for traffic and minimize accidents during the busy season. Here are a few of their answers.

1. Don’t Be in a Rush

While meeting delivery deadlines is crucial, it’s equally important to avoid rushing through traffic on the road. Plan your routes and account for potential delays due to holiday traffic and weather. Stick to a safe and consistent driving speed, even though you may be running behind. Remember, safety will always come first. The delivery can be late. 

2. Drive Defensively

When you drive defensively you must keep a few things in mind. Maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles and be prepared for sudden stops or lane shifts. Be cautious when merging onto highways and watch out for aggressive drivers. Always avoid using a handheld device while driving and stay focused on the road as you drive defensively.

3. Keep a Watchful Eye

Continuously scan the road ahead and around your truck. Watch for vehicles in blind spots, especially smaller cars that you may not see in your mirrors. Be alert to changing weather conditions and adjust your driving accordingly. When weather conditions are bad, reduce your speed and increase your following distance.

4. Consider Switching to Graveyard Shift

To avoid traffic, consider switching your driving schedule to the night shift when less traffic is on the roads. This will greatly reduce stress while navigating busy highways during the holiday season.

5. Stay Well Rested

Fatigue is a significant contributor to accidents. Follow federal regulations regarding rest breaks and hours of service. If you feel tired, don’t hesitate to pull over and rest, stretch, and grab coffee.