Garmin dēzl 100/200 Bluetooth headsets designed for truckers

Updated Jun 25, 2024

The purpose-built Garmin dēzl 100/200 series Bluetooth-enabled headsets deliver superior sound quality, noise canceling capabilities, and long-lasting talk time.

Launched last summer, the headsets include a versatile 200 model that can be converted during breaks from a single-ear headset to full-stereo headphones. The100 version features the classic ergonomic one-ear design. 

Both dēzl headsets provide up to 50 hours of talk time to ensure you remain connected whilke on the road.

The two headsets also feature active noise canceling technology in both the ear cup and adjustable boom mic allows you to hear and be heard without issue.

Built-in Bluetooth technology allows for easy pairing of the dēzl headsets to a compatible smartphone for hands-free calls. The headsets also seamlessly integrate with Garmin’s dēzl OTR trucking navigators. With the press of a button, you can activate hands-free control of your navigation and instantly blend the prompts into your audio stream. Truck drivers can also speak commands into the boom mic to control the navigator.

The lightweight dēzl headsets are crafted with the comfort of truck drivers in mind. They’re designed for all-day wear and are adjustable to fit any size. They’re also durable, designed with corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction and memory foam- padded ear cushions.

The versatile design of the dēzl headset 200 allows it to be converted during your breaks, from a single-ear headset to full stereo headphones when you’re ready to enjoy your favorite music or listen to a podcast. No tools or extra hardware are needed.