Somebody to Lean On

Updated Aug 12, 2014

Support from friends can help in fitness endeavors

I’ve found something out about myself since getting married: I’m more motivated to do things when my husband does them, too.

This covers a lot of areas, from housework to attending parties to going to the gym. The most consistent I’ve ever been in my exercise habits has been when Bobby and I go to work out together.

Being out on the road, unless you drive team, it may be a little tougher to find someone to join you for a walk or to spot you while you lift those weights you carry with you in your truck. You probably can’t imagine going up to the nearest dude at the truckstop and asking him to be your workout buddy (though it could be a good pickup line; maybe someone should “Ask Carolyn” about that!).

Just because you can’t have someone physically there to support you doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. A great example: My friends with the Trucking Solutions Group, which also serves as the Driver Advisory Board for the Healthy Trucking Association of America. You may remember I wrote about Lily Williams a couple months ago. Lily, Bob and Linda Caffee, Scott Kinley, Rick Ash, Henry Albert and Jeff Clark get together every week to discuss their health goals, no matter where they are — via conference call.

This group of drivers found something that works for them. There are other outlets available to find support, even if you don’t know anyone offhand to join up with. You can find the “Truckin’ Runners” group on Facebook (, and you’ll find that the group offers support to people of all ability levels.

Or if you want to partner up with someone to e-mail or call regularly, drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. I’d be glad to help pair people up, and knowing someone else out there is pulling for you and cares about your health can make a big difference!

Misty Bell is managing editor for Truckers News. You can find her health blog at Contact her at [email protected] or