Eat this, Not that: Long John Silver’s

Updated Aug 12, 2014

One of few fast food fish offerings, Long John Silvers’ menu of fried fishes, hush puppies, fries and so on can serve up a fairly oil-laden platter. Though not as caloric or fatty as other fast food eateries, the fried options at Long John Silver’s don’t lag too far behind, especially in terms of dietary benefits. LJS’ grilled options, though, are sort of the contrary, offering lean protein, no trans fat and less fat and sodium – in more food – than the fried options.

Eat this: Grilled Pacific Salmon and Corn Cobbette (no butter oil)

Not that: Battered Fish and fries

Fat and Calories: Two filets of the grilled salmon and the corn on the cob combine for 220 calories and 8g of fat. The battered fish (one piece) and fries meal has more than twice the amount of calories and three times the amount of fat, registering 490 calories and 26g of fat per serving of fries and a single piece of fish.

Difference: Though 490 calories is not a large amount of calories for lunch, the amount of food per portion is a little skewed – the grilled platter comes with more than one piece of fish. The grilled salmon has half as much sodium and no trans fat – compared to the battered fish’s 4.5g. The salmon also has 24g of protein and only 2g of carbohydrates; the battered fish has 12g of protein and 17g of carbohydrates. The fries adds another 34g of total carbohydrates, 350mg of sodium and 3g of trans fat, whereas the corn on the cob adds only 14g of carbohydrates, no sodium and no trans fat.

If the difference in calories and fat isn’t enough to steer you to the grilled salmon meal, the amounts of trans fat and carbohydrates should be.