Eat This, Not That: Krispy Kreme

Updated Aug 12, 2014

Though Krispy Kreme should probably be avoided when dieting, if it is the only option or you just can’t resist the doughnut temptation, you can enjoy a sweet snack from the creamery without wrecking a weight-loss plan. When you must partake, choose wisely.

Eat this: Whole Wheat Doughnut

Not that: Glazed Crème-filled Doughnut

Calories and Fat: The whole-wheat offering has 180 calories and 11g of fat, each just under half of the crème-filled option, which registers 350 calories and 20g of fat.

Difference: The calorie- and fat-saving values of the whole-wheat doughnut are clear, but it also has less than half the amount of sugar (10g to 24g), no sodium, 2g of fiber (compared to the crème-filled’s none) no cholesterol and 19g of carbohydrates. The crème-filled doughnut has 34g of carbohydrates and 24g of sugar.

The Whole Wheat Doughnut offers a healthier, less-fattening alternative to some of the traditional snacks offered at Krispy Kreme. When you have a doughnut hankering that you have to satisfy, look for the whole-wheat option.