Eat This, Not That: Krispy Kreme

Though Krispy Kreme should probably be avoided when dieting, if it is the only option or you just can’t resist the doughnut temptation, you can enjoy a sweet snack from the creamery without wrecking a weight-loss plan. When you must partake, choose wisely.

Eat this: Whole Wheat Doughnut

Not that: Glazed Crème-filled Doughnut

Calories and Fat: The whole-wheat offering has 180 calories and 11g of fat, each just under half of the crème-filled option, which registers 350 calories and 20g of fat.

Difference: The calorie- and fat-saving values of the whole-wheat doughnut are clear, but it also has less than half the amount of sugar (10g to 24g), no sodium, 2g of fiber (compared to the crème-filled’s none) no cholesterol and 19g of carbohydrates. The crème-filled doughnut has 34g of carbohydrates and 24g of sugar.

The Whole Wheat Doughnut offers a healthier, less-fattening alternative to some of the traditional snacks offered at Krispy Kreme. When you have a doughnut hankering that you have to satisfy, look for the whole-wheat option.