Most Beautiful, and maybe a bit controversial as well

Updated Aug 18, 2014

Emily Weymouth, winner of Overdrive Magazine’s Most Beautiful Trucker contest.

It has been said that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and, “Beauty is as beauty does.” Now we can add to those sentiments, “Beauty can be controversial when it comes to truckers.”

A recent Overdrive story about the winner of our sister magazine’s Most Beautiful Trucker contest drew more than a few comments. Some questioned the need for such a contest, while others questioned why the article even referred to the winner, Emily Weymouth, as “slender.”

Still other commenters offered their two, three and four cents worth on Weymouth’s tattoos, and some said a day driver is not the same as being a “real” driver.

Read the article and all of the comments – and let us know what you think!