Driver shows us all how to ‘Shake It Off’

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Updated Sep 16, 2014
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From the road: Allie Knight & “Shake It Off”

Move over Taylor Swift, Allie Knight’s behind the wheel and on YouTube.

This cam-friendly truck driver from Boston lip dubs Swift’s new pop hit Shake It Off as she goes about her day in and out of her truck, a Freightliner she calls Reginald. Suffice to say, it’s delightful as she dances in her trailer, at the fuel pump and in her truck.

But, judge for yourself:

On her YouTube channel, Knight says of herself:

“I explore the country looking for freight, earning an honest living doing the kinds of driving that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. Join me on my epic journey throughout the US with Herschel, my now retired International, Reginald, my new Freightliner, and Tom, my GPS.”

(BTW, the video of Swift’s latest hit has more than 99 million views.)

You can and should follow Allie on Twitter @gluttnous