Truckers Missing Child Project continues awareness campaign

Campaign poster (Image Courtesy of The Truckers Missing Child Project)

Truck driver Dugal Trimble knew he wanted to do something to help victims of human trafficking and missing children after he started following the Truckers Against Trafficking Facebook page in 2009.

He decided to make his own group to focus on missing children. He started The Truckers Missing Child Project on Facebook in 2012, routinely posting notices on missing children from across the nation.

“I thought there needed to be some kind of trucking group because truckers are the eyes of the road,” Trimble said. 

To continue the project’s mission of bringing awareness to missing children, the Ribbons & Headlights campaign was launched three years ago. The campaign’s goal, according to its Facebook page, is to “bring awareness to missing children as well as to show America that we as truck drivers and the motoring public do care about the cause.”

The campaign asks truckers and motorists to decorate their trucks and vehicles with yellow and blue ribbons and drive with their headlights on during May, and specifically on May 25, which is National Missing Children’s Day. The yellow ribbon represents the missing children, while the blue ribbon stands to remember missing children who died.

“I wanted a way that truckers can show their support and show the public, ‘Hey, we’re out here looking,'” Trimble said.

The campaign is unable to provide the ribbons. Trimble said the organization is working on acquiring nonprofit status. The campaign has already received a commitment from Cheeseman Transport, which will decorate all 300 of its trucks with the ribbons.

For more information on the campaign, visits its Facebook page here.