‘Ice Road Truckers’ Todd Dewey on the Truckers News podcast

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Updated Nov 16, 2021
“Ice Road Truckers” star Todd Dewey“Ice Road Truckers” star Todd Dewey

No one could blame Todd Dewey if he wanted to forget all about 2016. The past year has been a difficult one for the hardworking but good-natured star of the History Channel’s popular reality show, “Ice Road Truckers.”

Here’s why:

  • Season 10 of “Ice Road Truckers” was the most difficult ever for Dewey. The normally frozen roads through the Canadian wilderness were soft and muddy and the ice on the lakes he had to cross was unusually thin.
  • He lost a good friend when IRT co-star and fellow logging truck driver Darrell Ward died in the crash of a light plane in August.
  • Then a cousin, who was like a brother to Dewey as well as a co-worker in the logging business, died in an auto accident while Dewey was in Europe.
  • Finally, Dewey recently had to undergo four eye surgeries following a job site accident in which a truck tired exploded.

In the first of a three-part series, Dewey talks about working with his father, getting started driving truck, and hauling logs in the Pacific Northwest. 

In the next episode, Dewey explains how he went from driving a logging truck to joining the cast of one of the most popular reality shows on television. And, in the third installment, Dewey talks about the other drivers on the show and what could be ahead in Season Eleven of “Ice Road Truckers.”

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