Readers react to ELD legislation

Updated Jul 24, 2017

Earlier this week, a bill was filed in the House of Representatives by a Texas Republican that would delay the compliance date of the electronic logging device mandate by two years. The change, if enacted, would give carriers until December 2019 to switch from paper logs to an electronic logging device.

Electronic Logging DeviceTexas Republican Rep. Brian Babin, a doctor from Port Arthur, filed the ELD Extension Act of 2017, and it was referred to the House’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. For Babin’s ELD delay bill to become law, it must be passed by the House and Senate and signed by President Trump.

Not surprisingly, Truckers News readers reacted. Here’s what folks said on our Facebook page:

John Carothers
Continue to call your Congressmen and Women be peaceful and also let them know they work for us

Steve Fister
Someone is finally using there noodle!!!! ????

Charles Smith FFS just get on with it and quit screwing with everyone

Randy Johnson Do what you were voted in for, healthcare tax reform etc. stop meddling let the ELD mandate go thru. Bout time there is uniformity in records and a level playing field. Time to go after shippers etc and go to hourly

Chris Dimako Problems start in warehouses , shipping and receiving . When they start honoring their times instead of waiting a full day to get loaded and unloaded then ELDs would be fine . Untill then ELDs are worthless . And for all of you that favor the ELDS, not all driver can get by with your 5-600$ check per week.

JohnEva Dyck The HOS rules remain the same, ELDs are just another way of tracking HOS. Therefore, ELDs are not the issue, it’s the HOS and the lack of flexibility.

Joseph Vandygriff Still wanting to know how this is going to effect the towing business????? I still haven’t seen anything outside of an exemption for livestock haulers in the updated bill. Anything would help

Howard Dawson Do away with them all together. I don’t need a machine or some moron in DC to tell me when I need to rest. And on top of that, just where in the hell are you supposed to rest. Not a truck stop. No parking spaces. Not a parking lot of closed business. Not on a Interstate ramp. Troopers write you a ticket and make you leave so the one down the road can write you up for driving with no time.

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Mike Savant I think this is a move to take truck drivers out of the seat. By enforcing these rules and regulations on truckers so they can help the driverless trucks become the trucking of the future. There are more restrictions on truckers than any other industries. Double standard, why aren’t the Feds required to jump through all the hoops a trucker has to? Why aren’t cops, who transport people and carry guns drug tested, congress, teachers, especially when you can drug yeast kids! And justice for all.

James Dubin Jr. Much more than meets the eye. The ATA is a corporatist directorship to the lawless FMCSA that has to justify its existence and Budget yearly. If it was about a level playing field, independents would get the same price for tractors and fuel as the kool aid drinkers carriers. Perhaps the ATA is on the verge of being permanently smashed and they’re behind this to buy time for complete domination. Sneaky failed lawyers turned shake down artists.

Kirby Klever Not all trucks or companies should be on ELD’s if your a bad operator, then just like drunk drivers, you need to be forced into compliance. Large companies should have them as they cannot easily monitor all their drivers a every moment of the day. Owner Operators should not be “required” to have ELD. Unless, just like the cell phone give-away program, the Fed’s supply them. I believe there is good and bad in this mandate, however it should NOT BE FORCED UPON US. (unless you are a crappy company, in which case, you’ll probably be out of business soon enough anyway). Cheers!!!!!

Kelly Smith I don’t sleep on off ramps shoulders or rest areas if the government wants this E log then they need to give the hardest working people in America descent places to eat sleep and relax if the government can pay for gender changes then they can pay to make the truckers that move this nation a bigger priority.

Stephen Ruth We need to have regulated minimum freight rates and do away with by the mile rates. Instead we need an $85 per logged drive line hour from laden to unladen plus the standard fuel surcharges. Plus a $60 an hour from show up to signed bills in hand rule for loading and unloading.

Jerry Burgess Everybody needs to get out of the trucking business, too many rules and regulations and B.S. Just let the government take care of all the transportation needs, see how they like it.

June Knowles There’s a big problem with them. One problem is parking. Another problem is the wait time to get loaded and unloaded. Traffic is another problem

Chad Borgmann Some of you…that say go ahead and put ELD’s in…and see what happens…that will be too late and put some O/O and smaller companies out of business.

Patric Edwards Brothers I say let it happen go ahead and put the elogs in . just sit back and see how the prices of everything goes up

Mike Saunders Trump won’t sign it. He’s in tight with the owner of a large carrier & ATA has his ear!!(not OOIDA)

Mark Miles A delay still doesn’t solve the real problem…..the idiotic and inflexible HOS regulations.

Jay Smith A House bill means nothing calm down drivers, it’s just a start but nothing has changed yet.

Darrel Polsley The burdens will be the same two years from now. Just another case of reactive instead of proactive thinking.

Jason Purcey I don’t see the problem with eld

Linda Tanyer Haluck I have contacted our Congressman Charlie Crist (D) from Florida.

Richard Segraves Well good or bad the bad apples spoiled the barrel and now all pays. It’s all about compliance

Jonathan Martens If rules get more complicated, pay must go up when they are mandated. Otherwise we’ll have an even larger driver shortage.

Tommy Dowdy I called my representative told to please support this bill.
It was introduced on the house floor today

Mike Barnett Think I’ll just go home for a while see what happens in about​ month

Bob Dettmer II Don’t need ELD. Just about everything thing we do leaves an electronic signature.

Jose Morales That’s all I need so I can retire ????????

Zeeshan Shafqat Khan Good.

Ward Bond Get rid of that for ever !!!

Jeff Richards Already contacted my congressman

Richard Segraves It ain’t happening get that elog now

Jim Peterson Get rid of elogs

John Katke Already use one. Whatever. Nuckelheads.

Mark Noonan Amen