Kane Brown’s ‘Experiment’ due out Nov. 9

Cover art for Kane Brown’s latest album, “Experiment.” (Image Courtesy of Amazon)Cover art for Kane Brown’s latest album, “Experiment.” (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

Kane Brown’s latest album, “Experiment,” blends traditional and progressive musical influences for a new country sound. The album is due out Friday.

“This album is really all over the place. It’s almost like an experiment of sorts. I’m just trying to listen to what country fans are leaning toward,” Brown said in an interview with Taste of Country earlier this year.

The album is available for preorder on Amazon and iTunes.

The album’s track list:

1. Baby Come Back to Me

2. Good as You

3. Lose It

4. It Ain’t You It’s Me

5. Short Skirt Weather

6. Homesick

7. Weekend

8. Work

9. One Night Only

10. My Where I Come From

11. American Bad Dream

12. Live Forever