James Revels: ‘Gave up comforts of him to provide for his family’

Updated Sep 8, 2015

James Revels
Nominated by Rebecca Revels, wife

My husband was not always a trucker. He had the 9 to 5 type job where you went to work and came home every day. When the place where he worked closed and he was unable to find another job, he went into driving. He has gone from only traveling in a mostly local area to all over the country.

He gave up the everyday comforts of home to being home a few days a month to be able to provide for the family he loves. He has learned how to handle an entirely different set of stress factors as he learned a whole new way of living and earning a living. He has given up home cooked meals for truck stop fare or whatever he can carry in the truck.

He trusts me to take care of things here as I trust him to do his job well and come home at then end of his current runs.