James Clark: ‘The job gets done’

Updated Sep 5, 2018

James Clark
Nominated by Julie Clark, Wife

Img 20180807 172825309 HdrMy husband has worked hard since he was a little boy. He’s dedicated to what he does. He gives his all in what he does, even if he’s sick, tired or the weather is bad. His famous words are, “I have a job to do.” I have total respect for truck drivers, especially my husband for what he does. I’m one of the lucky ones that get to spend every moment with my husband. Getting first hand experience on all he does. It’s a lot of road he drives along with securement and tarping in the dead of the heat to below freezing weather. The job gets done! As I watch out the window looking at people’s homes and businesses I appreciate my husband is a part of what they have. He’s giving up all he loves to do to support us. As a motorcycle rider, it kills him watching them ride by him. Those who go home every night to family and in their own bed, my husband is working hard. And that is why I appreciate him so much. All he loves to do he has given up for us.