Steve Patterson: ‘Conquers every obstacle on his own’

Updated Sep 17, 2018

Steve Patterson
Nominated by Anita Driscoll, Fiance’

Steve PattersonSteve is admired so much by me because of his determination, dedication, and love of achieving his lifetime dream and goal … being a truck driver. Through the last, almost eight years, I have watched this man, time and time again, get knocked down in his attempts to get going on his own with his own truck. But due to health issues, that have prevented that, it has been a real struggle for Steve. But, he has and continues to conquer every obstacle on his own. He is still reaching for that lifetime goal and dream and is getting so close to the end of the struggles. It is going to become a reality for him, hopefully by the beginning of next year. So, here’s my hat off to you Steve (goof), I salute you and back you 100 percent in achieving your lifelong dreams and goals. I love you with all my heart and soul!You’re a good man and no one can say any different. Love, Your Lil Goofie, Anita