Edith Castro: ‘A courageous and strong woman’

Updated Sep 17, 2018

Edith Castro
Nominated by Richard Castro, Husband

Imag0140 1 2My trucker is one hard worker and a courageous and strong woman. She works hard for her company and her family. She loves the world and she respects everyone who meets her. She never gives up and always challenges her elf to strive to be the best. Even when her dad died driving she didn’t give up. She just smiled and said in honor all those who gave to make the world go and grow. She drives a smooth bore tanker and loves her job as a professional driver. I’m very proud of her for seeing her drive through all elements and conditions knowing that just rolling liquid loads that never stop moving and are a huge challenge because liquid is very unpredictable makes me proud shes my wife. I know she cares too about me and her family and America