Jason Green: ‘He is my rock and cheerleader’

Jason Green
Nominated by Heather Green, Wife

Fb Img 1587601039082My trucker is my husband. I have seizures and degenerative disc disease which limits what I can do a whole lot, especially after a seizure. He is home most nights because I mainly have my seizures at night. It doesn’t matter what time it is he always wakes up and stays up with me after one because I have panic attacks after the seizure. It doesn’t matter what time it is he is awake with me. He gets up and still goes to work the next day since he is the primary one that brings in income. He works in the shop to bring in extra money to help with my medication which comes to about $3,000 per month. He has been through my last three back surgeries with me and makes sure I am taken care of when he is gone. He is my rock and cheerleader when I want to give up on all my medical issues. He helps out so much at home when I can’t do a whole lot because of my issues. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and trucker. He is an awesome husband, Dad, and Grandfather.