Millis helps members of military ease into truck driver jobs

Millis Transfer offers opportunities for veterans

Millis Transfer Training Institute, the training facility affiliated with Millis Transfer of Black River Falls, Wis., has been recognized for its work with a federal program designed to help veterans expedite licensing required for employment.

The institute is part of the Veterans’ Licensing and Certification Demonstration Project, which is designed to help veterans move from the military to civilian employment.

“It is a great honor to help veterans transition quickly from their work in the military to a successful career in the transportation industry,” said Reid Ransom, Millis Transfer director of Human Resources and Recruitment.

States participating in the fast track program for licensing for military applicants include: Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, Virginia, and Wisconsin. As part of the initiative, each state has the option to select up to three high demand occupations with licensing and credentialing requirements that correspond with one of three preselected military occupational specialties:

  • Medic (Army 68W, Navy Hospital Corpsman, Air Force 4N0X1),
  • Police (Army 31B, Navy Master-At-Arms, Air Force 3P0X1, Marine Corps 5811), and
  • Truck Driver (Army 88M, Marine Corps 3531).

Chad Stallard, a driver for Millis Transfer, from North Carolina, has been in the military for some 23 years, serving as a police officer, when he decided to enroll in Millis Transfer’s driver training school.

“I’ve worked for the United Nations. I’ve also worked as a Customs Border Agent,” he said. “Along with that, I have served in a number of different military branches that include the Navy, Navy Reserve, Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard.

“Truck driving was something I always wanted to do. That was my reason for pursuing it. The experience so far has been good.”

Another Millis military driver, Johnathan Williams, is an Army veteran, who worked as a fueler in the Truck Driving Unit.

“The military was a good place to start my career,” he said. “I think it is a great way to make money and it is one of those careers where you don’t have someone standing over your shoulder all day. I really like that about this industry.”