Driver reaches 3 million miles for Alabama flatbed fleet

A driver for Boyd Bros., a fleet based in Clayton, Ala., was recently recognized for becoming the company’s fourth driver to reach a major driving milestone.

In a ceremony at the fleet’s Birmingham terminal, Mike Usery was honored for driving 3 million accident free miles in his career with Boyd Bros.

Boyd Bros. VP of Safety Frank Stokes (left) and 3 million mile driver Mike Usery

“Today is Mike Usery Day here at Boyd Brothers Transportation,” said President Chris Cooper.

Usery, who lives in Harrison, Ark. and has driven for Boyd Bros. since 1990, accounts for his success on the road to the support of his family and his coworkers.

“I’ve been blessed to work for such a good company, and my family has been a big supporter of me,” Usery said. “I’ve been surrounded by some wonderful people. I tell everybody that I’m just a little piece of this, because if it weren’t for all these people at Boyd then I wouldn’t be were I am today.”

Boyd Bros.’ Vice President of Safety Frank Stokes commended Usery for his career-long commitment to safety.

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident, there’s a purpose behind it. One mile at a time, being patient, looking ahead, anticipating what others may do. That takes a lot of talent, but Mike’s done it,” said Stokes.

Usery took some time at the ceremony to encourage a group of new drivers who were in attendance.

“If I did this, you can do it. It just takes a lot of patience and time. One day at a time, one mile at a time. Never get in a hurry and always try to do the right thing,” Usery said.

Among several other gifts, Usery was presented with a brand new Navistar Lonestar truck, which features a patriotic paint job.

Boyd Bros. has over 100 drivers who have achieved 1 million miles with the company.

Boyd Bros. Transportation Inc. is a flatbed truckload carrier that primarily hauls steel products and building materials throughout the eastern two-thirds of the U.S.