Celadon adds driving simulators for students

A Celadon student driver uses the TransSim VS6 driving simulator for training. (Image courtesy of Celadon Trucking)

Celadon Trucking announced recently the it has purchased four driving simulators for use in its newly renamed Celadon Driving Academy, which was previously Celadon’s Quality Drivers School.

The TransSimVS driving simulators will be used at the company’s Indianapolis academy. They are designed to introduce student drivers to real-world driving environments to train them for careers as drivers in the trucking industry. 

Scott Vogel, director of Celadon Driving Academy, said the simulation-based training adds to the driver training experience.

“It allows us to conduct real world training on different terrains and for different road conditions in the classroom,” Vogel said. “These simulators will serve as an effective complement to the actual, behind-the-wheel driving that our students are required to complete as part of the curriculum.”