Is driver shortage ‘unquestioned assumption’?

Todd Dills, senior editor at our sister publication “Overdrive” is taking a detailed look at one of the most talked about, most debated, most contentious issues in the American trucking industry: the shortage of drivers.

He writes:

“Trucking has trumpeted a driver shortage over most of the last 10 years and beyond. Major studies by the American Trucking Associations have generated much coverage inside and outside the industry, making the idea an unquestioned assumption.

“Yet during the last decade, driver pay hasn’t risen in a way that would reflect such a strong labor demand. And some forecasts have turned out much less drastic than predicted.

“Company driver pay over the same period hasn’t even kept up with the rate of inflation, while owner-operator net income has just barely done so, if 2015 estimates hold.”

See what Dills finds as he has talks with industry analysts, company executives and drivers for his series The Driver Shortage Alarm: Where are the empty shelves, higher rates and aggressive pay?

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