Tips on truck driving life appear in unlikely source

“Cosmopolitan” — the magazine, not the cocktail — may best be known for offering insights to its mostly young, mostly female readers on fashion, makeup, fitness, romance and the glitzy lives of celebrities.

So it was a bit surprising to find an article by Arielle Pardes titled, “Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Long-Haul Truck Driver” coming from Cosmo.

Among the 13 revelations explained were:

  • “Driving trucks is more like a lifestyle choice than a regular job.
  • “The job can be super lonely, but you can also choose to drive with a partner.
  • “Everyone is shocked to see a woman driving a truck, and they’ll let you know it.
  • “The truck becomes your home.
  • “Sexual harassment is extremely common.
  • “Even with all of the downsides, there are some beautiful moments.”

What did you wish you knew before becoming a truck driver? Tell us in the Comments section below.