TMC hikes pay for drivers in 10 Northeastern states


A major Midwest open-deck company is raising pay for drivers in 10 northeastern states where freight demand is high.

Des Moines, Iowa-based TMC Transportation said it increased its pay for drivers living in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. TMC said all new and existing TMC drivers who live in these Northeastern states are now eligible to receive a minimum of 30% of each load.     

Drivers in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan received the incentive in December 2020.

The company said that by offering a pay incentive to attract drivers in what it calls "critical-need" states, it will be able to maintain the capacity to continue serving its customers’ shipping needs. With the new incentive, drivers who live in those states will start at 30% and not drop below that threshold, according to the company. 

TMC said its Performance-Based Percentage Pay Program was created by drivers who wanted their paychecks to reflect the quality and quantity of work performed. It said 98% of its drivers opt into the Performance-Based Percentage Pay Program, which it said typically starts at 26% of each load for inexperienced drivers beginning their driving career and 27% for experienced drivers when they join the fleet.

Founded in 1972, now has more than 3,000 drivers.