4 colleges combine efforts, create Arkansas Trucking Academy

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The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana along with three other community colleges -- UA Cossatot, UA Rich Mountain, and ASU Three Rivers -- have partnered to create the Arkansas Trucking Academy Consortium. 

The consortium received a $720,000 grant to start operations and begin training students to obtain a commercial driving license. The memorandum of understanding will cover two years from July 1 through June 30, 2023.

The program cost is $1,300, and classes will begin in the fall 2021 semester. It is the state's first and only public trucking academy.

“This is another pace-setting workforce solution that has grown out of conversations between leaders in industry and education," said Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. "Arkansas’s businesses had a problem, our educators stepped in to fill it, and we are able to support it with an Arkansas Regional Workforce grant. It’s a model for partnerships between the private sector and the government. Because of that, we soon will be putting more trucks on the road with first-rate drivers at the wheel.”

To apply visit https://www.arktruckingacademy.com/.