Driver Poll: Have you noticed a shift in the types of skills and qualifications employers are prioritizing in job posts?

Updated Mar 5, 2024
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In last week's poll, we asked, "Are there specific industries you think are currently more attractive to job seekers?

The results showed:

  • 83.68 said "Yes"
  • 9.47% said, "I don't know."
  • 6.84% said, "No"

Comments include:

  • "If people knew the facts about trucking, just about any job would be more attractive than trucking. The number one fact is truck drivers are discriminated against. That includes being treated like or worse than 2nd—class citizens. Most truck drivers have very little control over how they use their allotted hours, their time is mostly controlled by others. They are required and forced to work for free maybe 20-30 hours a week. Even the people in control of a truck driver's time are getting paid for all their time."
  • "I love trucking. It's all I know and all I've ever wanted to do. I can't imagine working in a people atmosphere. I can't imagine having people over my shoulders all day. It's just what I love and sure it's got its ups and downs but that's life. I'm happy on the road."
  • "Yup Trades like HVAC, Electrician, Plumping, Welders, local driving jobs maybe with all that Uber, and taxis, Food delivery Apps and such....service industry with all this tipping cash for everything is out of control."
  • "Anyone paying attention can see where the job market is headed. The service industry pay is stalled. Banks are needing bail outs and some smaller ones have actually closed making a career in finance not as lucrative as it once was. Many positions that once never needed a degree are now asking for bachelor's and master's for low wages. Medical is booming, but I think we will see that soon bottom out due to insurance rates and the illegals draining the coffers. It really leaves the trades open for people to apprentice and gain experience working alongside decades long experienced people who are approaching retirement age."