Start your driving day the right way

Updated Aug 13, 2014

Make the most of the first 15 minutes of your day with this quick morning routine.

Take care of those teeth. Brush, floss and swish around some mouthwash to get rid of any extra germs leftover from last night’s brush. Get dressed in comfortable clothing and hop out of your truck.

Get your blood pumping with this quick, easy-to-remember warm-up.

1. Do five jumping jacks.

2. Reach down toward your toes and hold for five seconds.

3. Do five leg lifts with each leg, pulling your knees toward the sky for each one.

4. Do five standing push-ups: stand 1 to 2 feet away and face your truck. Place your palms on the side of the truck and lean toward it, bending at the elbows and leaving your feet flat on the ground. Now push yourself back upright.

5. To finish, do five more jumping jacks.

Take time to eat a balanced breakfast while reading your favorite magazine, filling out a Sudoku puzzle, listening to your favorite CD, etc.

Always keep your in-cab fridge stocked with your body’s morning fuel. Granola bars, low-sugar yogurt, low-fat milk, fresh fruit, no-sugar-added juice, whole grain bagels. It can be a challenge to find some of these items on the road, so bring them from home or find similar items at the truckstop.

Driving all day is grueling work, but you might be surprised how much your spirits can be lifted by treating your body and mind well before hitting the road.

Some easy stretches to help keep you limber on the road