Rescue Facts keeps medical information handy

If you have an accident, you may not be able to tell first responders all of the vital information they may need to know to save your life.

A new, relatively simple product may help.

Rescue Facts is a small pouch that attaches to a seatbelt and when opened contains all of the medical information that can help their life-saving efforts.

A statement from the company says, “Because removing a victim’s seat belt is the first step in tending to the victim, first responders are able to have vital information at their fingertips – in an easy-to-find place. At a glance, they have a snapshot of the victim’s identification, contact information, medical history (condition, prescriptions, allergies and blood type), primary care physician and preferred hospital. A consent-to-treat form also is included.”

Rescue Facts can also attach to helmet straps for equestrians, motorcycle, bicycle and ATV riders. A smaller version can fit on a child’s car seat or backpack.

They also can be attached to a pet’s collar.