4 reasons to keep walking in the winter

For many of us, getting in 30 minutes of exercise each day is not easy. It’s even less so this time of year if you live or drive where the temperatures have dropped and the wind is whipping snow in your face.

But, if you can tolerate it, there are benefits to maintaining a walking routine outside this time of year.

Get and Stay Motivated. On a brisk winter day, you may want to move along if only to get back home or back to your truck. Let’s face it, walking on a treadmill, if you get bored, you can turn it off. Not so, when walking outdoors.

Vitamin D. No matter what time of year, your body needs Vitamin D and the sun is best way to get it. Without it, your body does not get what it takes to regenerate skin and absorb calcium for strong bones. All you need is to get 15 minutes of of sun on your face a couple of times a week.

Better mood. Winter walking can also be a good “pick me up.” Exercise is one of the best anti-depressants and can improve your self-image and actually make you more energetic.

Burn calories. Walking on snow is harder than strolling along on a nice sidewalk or through a meadow. Winter walking takes more energy, which means burning more calories.

If and when you do walk in the winter, be smart about it: wear layers, wear a hat, gloves and suitable footwear. Being fit is one thing. Frostbite is another.