Don’t get sacked at your own Super Bowl buffet

The second biggest food day of the year is at hand: Super Bowl Sunday.

What you eat is totally up to you: wings, chips and dip, pizza, sliders, 6-foot-long sub sandwich … all of the above.

Whatever you serve, just be sure you serve it safely.

Before you settle in for the interminable pre-game, the wonderful commercials, the over-the-top halftime show and, oh, yes, the game, pay attention to these four tips.

First Down: Keep It Clean. Wash your hands. Wash your utensils and countertops. Wash the produce. Don’t just pass them under running water, really wash all of them. (Be sure to pay special attention to your cutting board if you are working with chicken. Nothing spoils the Super Bowl like food poisoning!)

Second Down: Cook It Properly. Cook chicken so the internal temperature is 165 degrees and beef, 160 degrees. Oh, yes, you will need a thermometer.

Third Down: Keep It Hot Or Keep It Cold. Keep hot foods at 140 degrees or warmer with crockpots, chafing dishes or warming trays. Keep cold dishes 40 degrees or colder.

Fourth Down: Save Leftovers Properly. Discard items on the buffet after they have been there two hours. Refrigerator leftovers and use them in the next couple of days or freeze them.