February perfect month to pay attention to your heart

February is, among other things, American Heart Month, a time to be more aware of that organ about the size of your fist that keeps blood flowing through the 60,000 miles of blood vessels that feed every part of your body.

This is the perfect time to consider what the American Heart Association calls Life’s Simple Seven to ensure a healthier heart. They include:

Get Active

Control Cholesterol

Eat Better

Manage Blood Pressure

Lose Weight

Reduce Blood Sugar

Stop Smoking

Like many other tips for a healthier lifestyle, these suggestions can be difficult to embrace if you a trucker on the road for extended periods of time and often without easy access to healthy food, opportunities to exercise and the support of your family or coworkers.

That said, even modest, frequent steps toward improving these seven key behaviors can pay a major dividend: a reduced risk of heart attack or stroke and a longer life.

Worth doing?

The heart association has a lot of resources and even plans to help you improve on those simple seven steps.
Dr. Oz on having a healthier heart