5 personal trainer apps can help you shape up

Hiring a personal trainer may not be a practical fitness option when you’re a trucker. But there’s an app for that.

Personal trainer apps help you build your own fitness routine and provide instructions on how to complete each exercise. You don’t have to be fitness savvy to use these apps because of how they break down each routine and exercise. All of the apps listed below are available for free on iOS and Android.

1. Nike Training Club

This app includes over 100 workouts created by Nike Master Trainers. Nike athletes and trainers guide users through each workout. You download only the workouts you want to complete and customize them for your personal goals and needs. The app tracks your number of workouts, minutes, average calories and NikeFuel to help you measure your progress.

2. Fitness Builder 

Fitness Builder offers over 1,000 different workouts for various skill levels, as well as over 7,000 exercise images and videos to teach you how to safely complete individual exercises and build your own custom workout. You can also save PDF versions of your workouts to print, in case you know you’ll be driving through an area where internet service is spotty. 

3. Workout Trainer

Audio instructions and progress cues help you through your workout on this app. Instructional photos and videos are available for exercise demonstrations and the app includes a virtual fitness consultation wizard to customize your experience. Trainers share tips and motivation on the app, as well as recommended workouts.

4. FitStar

You can choose from pre-created sessions or build your own with FitStar. The app tracks your progress and lets you earn badges as you improve and reach your goals. FitStar syncs will with Fitbit health trackers and the MyFitnessPal app.

5. Personal Trainer by Track My Fitness

New personal workout videos are added to the app each week, including exercise options with or without equipment. The app offers pre-built workouts for women and workouts for men, or you can build your own workout. Verbal cues from the app’s virtual personal trainers keep you in proper form.