St. Christopher Fund’s health challenge kicks off

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Updated Aug 31, 2016
The St. Christopher Fund booth at GATS. (Photo: Deanne Winslett)The St. Christopher Fund booth at GATS. (Photo: Deanne Winslett)

The St. Christopher Fund is encouraging drivers to develop healthy habits and exercise more with its second Driven to be Healthy Challenge, launched at the Great American Trucking Show this past weekend in Dallas.

This is the second year for the 6-month challenge, which runs from Aug. 29 to February, 2017. It’s open to all current CDL holders. There are two categories for monthly and overall winners. The two categories are greatest percentage of weight loss and most active minutes walking/running.

“We have been working with drivers for almost 10 years now and seeing a lot of health issues, and what we’re trying to do is get on the preventative side of things,” Julie Dillion, communications and wellness manager for the fund, said.

A one month completion challenge will take place in September. Participants who successfully complete 150 minutes of exercise each week for four weeks will be awarded a $25 Kroger gift card for purchasing healthy foods and a free flu shot voucher for use at Kroger or Little Clinic locations.

“The goal is to get healthy,”Dillon said. “We want drivers to build a healthier lifestyle so they don’t have to call us and tell us they can’t work because of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure. They can start on the preventative side and take care of these things when they’re younger so they don’t have to call us later in life unable to work because of a health problem.”

This year, all participants will be matched with a mentor to help them be successful during the challenge. Registration for the challenge started July 1, and truckers can join in at any time. Truckers interested in participating can register online at

There are two grand prizes available for the winners of the two main categories. One grand prize is a trip to Las Vegas where Bob Perry will provide spending money, one-on-one time in the gym and an educational grocery store trip. The other grand prize is a fishing trip in Minnesota donated by Brenny Transportation.

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The St. Christopher’s Fund will post weekly tips, winner information and additional information to its Facebook page.