Got a blister? Here’s how to treat it properly

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Updated May 5, 2017

Blisters RunningIf you’ve had a blister, you’ve had to ask yourself the age old question: Pop it or not?

Blisters are a common injury that are easy to treat if you know the right method. Next time your shoes rub your foot the wrong way and you get a blister, follow the Mayo Clinic’s advice:

1. Wash your hands and the blister with warm water and soap.

2. Using iodine, swab the blister.

3. Take a clean, sharp needle and sterilize it using rubbing alcohol.

4. Puncture the blister in several spots near its edge with the sterilized needle. Allow the fluid to drain but do not remove the overlying skin.

5. Apply a healing ointment of your choice, such as Vaseline, to the blister area and use a nonstick gauze bandage to cover it.

6. Put a fresh dressing on the area each day, applying more ointment and a new bandage.