5 tricks for hacking your salt habit

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Added sodium can lead to increased blood pressure and other heart health concerns, so the American Heart Association (AHA) hosted a #BreakUpWithSalt contest in May to gather the best hacks for ditching added salt.

The results are in, and these five changes are designed to help you curb your salt habit:

  • When preparing processed foods at home, divide portions in half and add an equal amount of cooked vegetables. It lessens the sodium and multiplies the vegetables.
  • Use fresh herbs to add delicious flavor and aroma to low-sodium and no-salt-added processed foods. Many herbs can be easily and affordably grown at home in a pot or planter box.
  • Gradually switch to lower-sodium options to get used to the taste over time. For example, move to reduced sodium, then low sodium, then no-salt-added processed foods.
  • When eating out, ask for extra lemon or lime, no salt added, and seeds for seasoning when possible. The juice brings out the natural flavor in foods and can replace dressing.
  • Before dining out, go to the restaurant’s website to check for nutritional information, and choose the best options in advance. Bring your own low-sodium dressing or condiments with you.