Bill in Ohio would force trucks to stay in right lane

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A bill currently in committee in the Ohio legislature would, if passed, block truckers in the state from using the lanes left of center on freeways with three or more lanes.

State Representatives Marilyn Slaby and Bill Patmon introduced House Bill 100 March 4, and it was referred to the chamber’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee last week.

The legislation would apply to trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds and would limit them to “the right half of the roadway” on all freeways spanning three lanes or more.

The bill allows exceptions to truck operators when they are passing another vehicle or need to take a left-hand exit from the freeway or avoid a hazard or highway obstruction,  among other exceptions.

Violation of the law would result in a $150 ticket, according to the Dayton, Ohio-based Dayton Daily News. The outlet also quotes Ohio Trucking Association President Tom Balzer as saying his organization is against the legislation. Truck operators already strive to remain in the farthest right lanes, Balzer told DDN.

The bill’s proponents, however, push it as one that would make traffic flow more smoothly on the state’s highways.