Moving billboards advance image of truck drivers

Promotional wraps to improve truckers’ image

Trucking Moves America Forward has unveiled its trailer decal wrap program, which it believes will help educate the public on the trucking industry and those that work in it.

“This year, I set a goal to see 100 wrapped trailers traveling our highways by the end of the year,” said Kevin Burch, TMAF vice chair and president of Jet Express. “These moving billboards not only demonstrate the importance of trucking to America’s economy but give our professional drivers an opportunity to showcase their profession while on the road, proudly delivering America’s goods.”

Pricing for the wraps starts at $2,300 for two sides and the rear, or $2,500 for two sides, the rear and two skirts. Wrap installation ranges from $1,200 to $1,600, according to TMAF.

Click here to order a trailer wrap.

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