Trucks spill chips and beer in accident on I-95

When two trucks collided on I-95 in Florida in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 23, a party could have broken out, but didn’t

An accident on I-95 spilled chips and beer on the highway.

Instead, the highway in Melbourne was closed as crews cleaned up the cargo spilled from the two trucks: Chips from one and beer from the other.

The Florida Highway Patrol say a box truck carrying Frito-Lay chips was parked on the right shoulder of the southbound lanes of the interstate with mechanical problems. A tractor/trailer carrying Busch beer was approaching, when the driver attempted to change lanes. Police reports say the driver saw another vehicle was too close, and moved back into the right lane but clipped the chip truck.

The result: Chips and beer covered the highway, closing it for about four hours for the mopping up.

Neither driver was injured. The driver of the Busch beer trucker was tickets.