Truck driver victim of drowning in Houston flooding

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The official cause of death of a truck driver who died in flooding near Houston earlier this week has been declared accidental drowning.

This driver plowed through flood waters in Texas earlier this week.

The Harris County Medical Examiner posted on its website Wednesday April 20 that Pedro Rascon Morales, 61 of El Paso, was a victim of accidental drowning. His body was found in the cab of his truck on a heavily flooded Sam Houston Parkway Monday April 18 at 2:48 p.m.

Earlier reports suggested Morales may have had a medical emergency before driving into the high water, but that was ruled out by the M.E.

Morales was one of six people who drowned in during the historic rainfall that flooded much of the Houston metropolitan area Sunday April 17 and Monday April 18.

Reports say more than 1,200 people had to be rescued from flood waters, which dumped more than 240 billion gallons of water on Houston and surrounding areas in 24 hours.

According to The Weather Channel, citizens rescued semi truck driver Ron Bumpus from his rig after he drove into floodwaters near Brookshire, Texas.

Authorities say the recent rains were the worst since Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. As much as 20 inches of rain fell during the storm.

Thunderstorms remain in the forecast for parts of Texas.

This video shows a tractor/trailer plowing through floodwaters in Houston.