Leaking truck has Georgia motorists seeing red

Motorists driving through part of Georgia southeast of Atlanta recently found their vehicles needed to be cleaned after a truck carrying red dye leaked its load as it drove.

The Jasper County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Department posted this on their Facebook page Friday, April 22:

“Did you have an encounter with some red “paint” on GA Hwy 11 this morning? Is it stuck to your vehicle? We have a report open on the incident and we know where the chemical came from. If your vehicle has sustained damage, please come to the Sheriff’s Office this weekend, with your vehicle, and have your information added to the report.”

It appears that a truck carrying the dye leaked, covering part of the road surface and splashing the liquid used to color garden mulch onto passing vehicles.

Dozens of people complained on the sheriff department’s Facebook page, including Shay Teal Willard, who posted in the comments: “I was right behind the truck and stopped him. He had no idea it was coming from his truck, from Monticello all the way to I20. I went to wash my car and get it off and It won’t come off!!!!”

See WSB TV’s report on the incident.