Trump & trucking: Opportunities for reform, change

Updated Dec 4, 2016

As the transition to the Trump presidency continues, so does speculation within American trucking about what it could mean for the industry.

James Jaillet writes:

President-elect Donald TrumpPresident-elect Donald Trump

“While the federal government’s electronic logging device mandate is likely shielded from interference from President-elect Donald Trump, Republican control in Washington gives the industry hope for a loosened and more accountable regulatory environment, industry groups said in recent weeks.

“Online petitions, such as this one from driver job application website TruckingUnlimited, intend to put a bug directly into the new administration’s ear about truckers’ wishes to “deregulate the trucking industry.” Organizers say they intend to file the petition with Trump’s site.

“While the petition’s potential influence is unknown, its requests are specific reforms most independent truckers strongly support: Blocking the federal government’s electronic logging device mandate before its December 2017 compliance date, loosening hours of service regulations and delaying emissions regulations targeting heavy-duty trucks.

“Opportunities for trucking regulatory reform do exist, say trucking trade associations and analysts, but not to the extent some may hope. On a broader note, industry lobbyists hope Trump forces the U.S. Department of Transportation to overhaul the way its Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration develops new trucking regulations and have the agency build better relations with the industry it regulates.”