22 trucks part of huge pileup in snow on I-80

Updated Dec 16, 2016
Only three injuries reported in this I-80 mishapOnly three injuries reported in this I-80 mishap

Multiple media outlets say 22 tractor-trailers were part of a 59-vehicle pileup on I-80 eastbound near Falls Creek, Pennsylvania this morning, closing part of the interstate but causing only three minor injuries.

The accident occurred at about 8 a.m. Normal travel on I-80 was reportedly restored by about 2 p.m.

One report said the pileup was a series of accidents spread along two and a half miles of the highway.

Wind-driven lake-effect snow has also hammered the Great Lakes states. Snowfall of up to 2 inches per hour was reported in northeast Ohio, closing schools and causing traffic delays. Heavy snows caused officials to close part of Route 5 near Buffalo, while blowing snow continues to fall across Central New York, including much of the NYS Thruway.

This video shows some of the trucks involved in the I-80 crash today.