Payroll scam cost company over $900,000

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A truck driver has pleaded guilty to fraud charges for scamming his former employer, New Jersey-based Clifford B. Finkle Jr., out of almost a million dollars.

Miguel Vidal pleaded guilty March 30 for defrauding the company out of $920,380. He was no longer employed by the company at the time of the fraud. He ran a payroll scam with his two brothers, Angel D. Vidal and Angel Gabriel Vidal. Angel Gabriel Vidal pleaded guilty to fraud charges June 26; Angel D. Vidal pleaded guilty for his involvement July 24.

Lisa Popewiny, a company payroll clerk, allegedly entered false hours and created fraudulent paychecks for the Vidal brothers. Miguel Vidal recruited others to participate in the scheme. Popewiny allegedly created fraudulent paychecks for 12 different individuals. Her trial is set for Oct. 2.

Miguel Vidal and his brothers may face up to 20 years in prison each, along with fines. Sentencing is set for Nov. 17.