Indiana plans to close rest area on I-64

Eastbound facility of the Nancy Hanks Rest area in Indiana (IDOT photo)Eastbound facility of the Nancy Hanks Rest area in Indiana (IDOT photo)

It’s going to get a bit harder to find a place to park in Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Transportation said recently that it will close two rest areas on Interstate 64 in the southeastern part of the state. However, IDOT has not set a date for closing the Nancy Hanks Rest Area near Dale.

The 45-year-old Nancy Hanks Rest Area is comprised of restroom facilities, vending areas and parking on each side of the interstate. An IDOT official told the it would cost about $1 million each to repair and update the facilities.

The two facilities each have 14 truck parking spaces, but neither allows overnight parking. The next nearest rest area westbound is 60 miles away and the next closest one to the east is 94 miles.