One MacGyver-like repair OK while another is not

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Improvised taillightImprovised taillight

Necessity may, as it is so often said, be the mother of invention.

However, keep in mind it may not always be acceptable to the cops.

Two truckers made some — let’s call them “creative” — repairs recently with varying success.

A Colorado trucker replaced a busted taillight with, yes, a bottle of red sports drink, but still got stopped earlier this week by police in Longmont.

They did, however, say on their Facebook page, “While we appreciate the ingenuity of this tail light, this is not a permanent solution. Working tail lights prevent accidents.”

Still, he got off without a ticket and the cops say they saw the guy at a repair shop getting it fixed.

Another trucker was not so lucky.

Driver chained an axle missing a wheel to the frame of his trailer.Driver chained an axle missing a wheel to the frame of his trailer.

A Pennsylvania trucker driving through New Hampshire with an oversized load was ticketed and his truck placed out of service earlier this month because he was driving down the road with an axle missing its wheel assembly on one side. Jan Joseph Krout, 42, of Penns Creek, Pennsylvania had chained the side of the axle missing its wheel to the trailer’s frame. He told police he thought he only needed four axles when he needed five to haul the modular home, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.